Mod Updater for NRaas Mods

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Download v1.13.x for PC (ZIP file) - See Installation instructions below

What is it?

The Mod Updater for NRaas Mods is a tool to assist in downloading and installing Twallan's latest mods for The Sims 3 from the NRaas Industries Wiki.

It's main goals are to help in checking the latest versions available against the ones you have installed, and to quickly and easily download and extract selected mods to you packages folder with just a couple of mouse clicks (and without the need to use Winzip,7zip,Winrar etc.)

Many people like myself tend to visit the site on a regular basis and check the Recent Updates page to see what mods have been updated. We will always want to do this, but the process of downloading and saving the zip file, and then extracting to your packages folder when there are a number of updates is something I wanted to simplify (especially when there are a flurry of updates released after a recent patch update), and it can also help in making sure all your mods are up to date.

Minimum Requirements


Download/Installation Instructions

Click the Download link at the top of the page and save the file to a folder on your PC (or the Desktop). Double click on the downloaded file to open it with your prefered unzipping method and extract the 2 setup files to a temporary folder. Then run the Setup.exe program by double clicking on it to start the installation. Follow the instructions in the dialog, and once it is complete you should then have a shortcut on your desktop as well as in your Start menu.


Important Points


Usage Instructions

See here

FAQ's (Probably)


Contact  (Feedback / Problems / Questions?)

If you have any problems with this program or any feedback, questions, ideas etc. Please drop me an email - Tucknology email
Please also put Mod Updater at the start of the subject line if you can. Thanks.

My Username on the NRaas wiki is Tuckwit.


Change Log/Version History

Application ModIndex
1.13.0 - 30/07/15
Fixed 'Create for Me' button not creating proper Mods/Packages/NRaas structure

1.12.0 - 20/11/14
Change version number comparison to correctly compare Testing vs Live versions
Now built with VS2013

1.11.0 - 25/07/14
Always updates Mod Index on startup
Remove File->Update ModIndex as can now be done with Refresh button

1.10.3 - 30/05/14
Improved attempt to detect if Steam version and get base game install path

1.10.2 - 27/05/14 - Minor fixes
Workaround fix for error thrown with latest Mastercontroller cheats version in testing.
Fix for version numbers not being converted properly in certain regions
Possible fix for Patch level matching under certain circumstances.
Fix/added link on About box.

1.10.1 - 21/05/14 - Minor fixes
Fix displaying upgrade prompt
Clicking View should show testing notes instead of normal revision history for mods in testing

1.10.0 - 19/05/14
*Major updates
* Uses MD5 Checksum of installed package to match known versions.
* Will now show only the highest version allowed for your Base Game Patch Level.

Forces download of latest ModIndex from Web on first run.
Fixed Yellow Highlighter that had dried up :) (Thanks Brappl)
Changed Auto download ModIndex from 1 day to 12 hours.
Displays banner on startup if downloading ModIndex Update.

1.9.0 - 02/05/14
Get current versions from ModIndex on NRaas site without needing to download Update History (faster startup)
Update Test Versions re-enabled.

1.8.1 - 17/03/14
Disabled 'Update Test Versions' option only for time being as it will not currently work.

1.8.0 - 12/11/13
Displays a message if a newer version of Mod Updater is available.
Added button to tick/select all currently shown mods.
Added button to remove selected mods.
  Disabled latest version on history page overriding version given in left hand column even if left hand version was higher.
  Various messages not having line breaks correctly.

1.7.0 - 02/10/13br /> Workaround for typo in Update Version history giving wrong Animator version
Saves Updated ModIndex.xml to a fixed location to avoid problems after upgrading.

1.6.1 - 18/06/13
Fixed error with filename for ErrorTrap update
Fixed issues with versions if using 'Update Test versions' option

1.6.0 - 11/04/13
Fix for weird problem during startup parsing game version - patch level on some regions (US?).
German Localisation added (well I wanted to see how difficult it was, and it wasn't)
Minor changes.

1.5.0 - 27/01/13
Added option to update Test versions (StoryProgression)
Handles filenames with .zip added twice.

1.4.0 - 27/11/12
Added File-Clear Cache Files menu option to delete cache.packages (See help)
Fix for download of ModIndex getting a cached version and not the latest.
Also checks against previous version number after upgrade.
Sets original last modified datestamp on extracted package (as would WinRAR).
Tooltips for menu items.

1.3.2 - 26/11/12
Fix if ZIP filename has no version then assume V1 (NoCD)
Automatically Update ModIndex once a day if it can (overrides copy installed).
Downloads any additional required files (i.e. TattooLocations) if there not already downloaded (Thanks falcongrey)

1.2.0 - 23/11/12
Pressing F1 now opens the help page (oh the simple things!)
Now displays a green tick instead of (unnecessary duplicate) version number if up to date.
Implemented method to prevent losing settings after upgrading to a newer version. Yippee!
Added option to put mod packages into Base mod (family) named sub folders. (suggested by falcongrey)
Couple of settings changed from user to application scope as they should have been.
Installer now properly upgrades quietly without asking to uninstall previous version

1.0.1 - 22/11/12
Fixed clicking on the Revision History header causing crash
Ticking/Unticking 'Show only installed' no longer does complete refresh which re-ticks updates but simply shows/hides rows. (Thanks Frimlin)

11.0.0 - 22/11/12 First Release
18 - Extended version of the ModIndex with additional information generated on the NRaas Wiki
as mods are updated.

16 - 02/05/14 - Updated a couple of entries.

15 - 28/04/14 - Added latest version numbers for any now removed from Update History Page,
Added PocketProtector Potion Case.

14 - 12/11/13 - Added date and version of latest App release.

13 - 01/10/13 - Animator will only get the first version number it finds rather than highest. (thanks C.Dark)

12 - 24/06/13 - Renamed The Family back to Mobster as it causes confusion.
11 - 21/06/13 - Renamed Careers-Mobster to The Family. Added Careers-Academics

10 - 20/06/13 - Added Woohooer Hot Air Balloon and Massage Table modules.

99 - 12/02/13 - Added SP Fairies and Werewolves, Removed SP Expanded
8 - 27/01/13 - Added new StoryProgression modules (Testing)
7 - 10/01/13 - Added Tempest
6 - 30/11/12 - Added Retuner
5 - AdditionFile for ExpandedTattoo
4 - Added missing OnceRead Tablet (Thanks falcongrey)
3 - Set any other Modules listed as Tuning Modules as such.
2 - Fixed duplicate SP Extras, Added missing MC Cheats and Written Word (Thanks Mugendai)
1 - First Release